Flag: Un-Americanlike Conduct


We can all agree there are too many bs penalties that are ruining the once great game of American football. Flags for over-celebration, taunting, tapping the guy you are trying to prevent from scoring, etc. have all contributed to the whiny nature that is now plaguing the sport while also slowing it to a crawl. I for one refused a free Sunday Ticket offer from my former provider Directv (for another post on why I left and what I am using now) because I don’t have time enough to watch that much football nor can my remote handle the constant changing of games due to inactivity. But I digress as this post will have very little to do with football, per say, and more to do with flags.

As a reminder, this is my opinion. I am not asking anyone to adopt my opinion and will not discount anyone for having their own. However, if you agree with me feel free to share this post.

As we have been beaten to death with it already, everyone has heard about the recent benching of 49ers’ quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Not because of his terrible play, but of his own accord to sit during the National Anthem in protest of the treatment of African Americans in this country. Cheers and outrage have poured out from the polarized country we have undoubtedly more become and continue to regress into. While I don’t condone Mr. Kaepernick’s decision to remain seated, it is his right to do so. The National Anthem is a meaningful reminder that we live in a country of resilience, and despite bombs bursting physically or metaphorically, through the night we stand unwavering unto the dawn.

There are many bombs going off in our country right now. Almost all of them metaphorical as we are much, much more fortunate than others elsewhere (see: Middle East). Continuing racism is one of those bombs. It could be the fact we are trying to talk about it more which brings about both the good proponents of change and equality while also dredging out the scum of country who perpetuate the problem. I live in Florida where I am exposed to many of these scum on a daily basis. And one of the things I see the most which sickens me is the abundant displays of the Confederate flag. For all that is right with what the American flag represents is the complete opposite for the Confederate flag.

The “rebel” flag represents one thing, sore racist losers. I grant that the spirit behind the initial secession, in which they were not happy with their government and moved to change it, was essentially what America was founded on. However, their reasoning behind it to continue to enslave people, to oppress for capital gains (something still prevalent today) are not causes worthy of ripping this country in two. You fought, you lost, give it up. Every person who flies the Confederate flag is flying a flag of treason. It is not free-speech anymore. The moment that flag was taken into battle against the United States, the moment a US Soldier was killed in the name of slavery and oppression, you lost the right of protection under the First Amendment.

The VA and National Park Service agree per this article http://wapo.st/2bwwGzV. What is ridiculous are the one’s flying the rebel flag are saying they are more patriotic because of the rebel nature of it (more like because of their love of guns, monster trucks, and not learning to read). These are the idiots trying to crucify Kaepernick for his right to protest. These are the hypocrites who fly the American flag and Confederate flags next to each other in the back up their pick-ups, who refuse to read the First Amendment or any government document unless it is paraphrased in their favor, and are blatantly dishonoring the American lives lost and troops that fought to retain and progress their freedoms.

The point to all of this is for people who are stuck in their old ways, their old thinking, need to take a second or third or tenth look at how their actions may be affecting other people, people who may be different from them. And if one of those people stands up (or sits down) to say something, the first thought should not be to chastise them for their actions or words, but find out why they felt the need to take that action. Be part of the solution, not the problem.

Kaepernick probably won’t have a job in San Francisco this year. It won’t however be because he took a seat for something he may believe in. In this country we put athletes and celebrities on a pedestal.  If the people we put in the spotlight aren’t willing to speak up for the right causes, then who is supposed to speak on our behalf?  The people who are supposed to champion our causes are voted in to office. Know who you are voting for. And if you don’t like the choices, vote for someone else. It really is that easy. And instead of bashing candidates to a pulp, tell people the positive reasons you want to vote for someone else. Then they can pass on the message to their friends, and them to their friends, and so on, and so on… Get my point?  Vote with purpose not with distaste or hatred. America and its flag will make it through the night!


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