Purpose…What is it?

Welcome to the next installment of a needy friend or family member’s cry for attention. That isn’t exactly what this is, but I can definitely understand how it can be perceived that way. So what is the purpose of this, need I word vomit…blog…? Well, it serves a few purposes that revolve around my current neediness. (I said it wasn’t a cry for attention, I didn’t say I wasn’t needy)

First, I told my sister I was going to create a competing blog against her and her new found joy to share her life’s anecdotes. I can promise all of you that it will be proofread more closely and will follow most of the main rules of grammar. Next, my intention is to create a space in which I can ultimately have conversations with myself (and anyone wanting to comment on my topics, participation is encouraged) in a medium that doesn’t make me look like I am bat shit crazy. Although, once again, this may be the actual perception of what this is. Truthfully, we have a lot going on in this country which demands discussion before a full blown apocalyptic meltdown occurs. I am just one person with minimal influential power other than the ability to vote and post my thoughts online. This blog, in my opinion, is a more constructive way to begin those conversations than just posting internet memes. If I am to develop a following, perhaps we can turn it into a grassroots movement, but for now, I am only looking for validation that the seemingly common sense thoughts in my head are what many others are also thinking and may not be saying aloud.

And finally, an objective of this is to allow me to hopefully enhance or keep sharp my writing abilities. The ability to formulate complete sentences and effectively deliver your message to another person is being lost due to texting and e-mail that doesn’t get scrutinized by corporate policy. Be it poor receivers, a poor message, or just the entire process itself, communication is becoming harder and harder despite technology to make it incredibly easy. I am sure the foreigners working for Verizon and ATT don’t fully appreciate my well articulated e-mails explaining why they need to get their heads out of their asses and tell me why my fiber internet can’t be delivered on time, but I feel they are delivered with no shortage of professionalism and that is what matters.

I will leave you with this for now, which will probably be a focal point of what are hopefully many of these articles; part of life is about recognizing your purpose(s) in this world and accepting whether or not it is enough. I am still trying to recognize all of my purposes. Hopefully through the course of these discussions I can recognize the rest of them or accept what I know now as enough.


~ Matt ~


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